What's the harm in Dairy?

June 09, 2020

What's the harm in Dairy?

There’s a lot of controversial info out there on dairy. Some sources say to absolutely avoid it like the devil.

Other sources (like the US and Canadian food guide) say it’s a must with every meal.

Here’s my take on dairy.

Let’s start with the different types of dairy:

🥛Conventional (non-organic)

Derived from conventionally farmed cows which have a diet of GMO grains, they’re inhumanely raised, pumped with antibiotics and hormones.

I would avoid this type, if possible.


Derived from cows fed a grain diet (NON-GMO), they’re ethically grown and raised and aren’t given antibiotics and hormones.

This is the next best step after conventional dairy.


Derived from cows that graze on grass, which is what cows are designed to eat.

Because grass is naturally high in vitamin K2, then grass-fed milk is a good source of K2 as well.

In addition, milk is always fortified with vitamin D (check that it’s D3, NOT they synthetic D2).

This is the best combination for maximum calcium absorption.

Calcium alone can’t absorb into bones. Vitamin K2 brings calcium to bones (and teeth), and vitamin D3 is what allows calcium to be absorbed.

Side note: that’s why if you’re taking a calcium supplement, it MUST include K2 and D3.

Of these 3 types, this is by far the most superior type.


Also derived from cows that graze on grass.

This is milk that has NOT been pasteurized (which all 3 types above are). Pasteurization is a high temp process designed to kill all enzymes, bacteria, any living organisms in milk in order to “decontaminate” the milk.

The fact is that everything killed off during pasteurization is exactly what is most beneficial about milk in the first place.

Many consumers of pasteurized milk who complain of digestive upsets don’t have the same complaints with raw milk. No study has shown the effect of the probiotics in the raw milk, but it’s something worth thinking about 🧐.


While dairy isn’t harmful for everyone, it’s actually highly inflammatory for MOST.


This is primarily because we ignore the signs and symptoms and don’t make the connection to food.


We blame it on stress or some diagnosed condition.


But food is so powerful, we really have to look there first.


A dairy allergy or sensitivity has actually been linked to the following:




🍦Ear infections (primarily in babies & kids)





🍦Sometimes even cancer


Here’s why:

Calcium alone - without vitamins K2 & D3 does not and will not absorb into bones. It will accumulate and create deposits in the body which eventually lead to cancer.


That’s why you should NEVER EVER EVER take a calcium supplement that has only calcium (Ahem: Caltrate).


The fact is that there are actually other foods with higher calcium content than milk - such as tahini, sardines and arugula.


🥛Goat Milk


Because goat milk has a different type of casein protein (A2 instead of A1 casein) - it’s more easily digested and therefore not inflammatory as cow’s milk.


🥛Full Fat vs Low Fat/Fat Free Milk

Another thing to consider is low fat milk vs whole milk. Studies have shown a link between low fat milk and weight gain/obesity.


Not only that, but the benefits of having whole milk (that includes full fat cheeses and yogurts) include lower risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes. It’s also a great source of fat and hormones are made up for fat.


So if you are having dairy, then go for whole (full fat) milks, yogurts and cheeses.


Let’s face it, fat free never tastes as good as full fat. So fat free always have more salt/sugar to make it more palpable. Good fat is always better than more sugar. 👊🏼


We absolutely need good fats in our diet in order to support healthy hormone levels.


Not only that but because conventional dairy is full of hormones, they also affect our own hormone levels and can lead to those hormone imbalances and inflammation and ultimately impacting fertility.


What’s your favorite dairy food?

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