Why Detox? Start here.

November 06, 2018

Why Detox? Start here.

You hear the word "detox" get thrown around a lot in the online health and wellness circle a lot, don't you!

Well it's for good reason! Approximately as little as 75 years ago, we weren't exposed to nearly as much toxins as we are today. We're being overloaded with toxins from the environment, food, beauty products and household cleaning products while simultaneously overwhelming our bodies with food and nutrients that don't support natural detoxification.

Go through the list below and see how many of these things apply to you. 

Do you regularly feel:

  • tired
  • have brain fog
  • poor memory
  • trouble concentrating
  • trouble sleeping
  • constantly getting sick
  • often get infections
  • have acne
  • have digestive issues
  • trouble losing weight
  • work or live in a toxic environment (exposed to chemicals)
  • stressful job/life
  • anxiety
  • depression

If you said yes to just one of these (yes, just one), then a detox or cleanse is for you. That's because no one goes about their day without some kind of exposure to toxins, whether it's physical or emotional!

Detoxifying the body is a means of providing the body with the nutrients it needs to support the liver in removing toxins and then binding those toxins so that they are not reabsorbed back into the blood, but rather completely eliminated through the body.

Excess toxins in the body make all the organs more sluggish, causing them to work less efficiently, resulting in any or many of the above symptoms. By supporting and aiding the liver and the body in removing those toxins, the body will function more efficiently, giving you back your energy and vitality!

In reality, our bodies actually detoxify all the time. But because we constantly expose ourselves to toxins, or we're constantly stressed, it's hard for the liver to stay on top of it!

A detox doesn't have to mean drinking broth or green shakes all day. A good detox involves eliminating foods that back up the liver or increase our toxic load, and then adding the right supporting nutrients to help the liver further detoxify and eliminate those toxins.

A detox is not for pregnant or nursing mothers because toxins released during a detox can pass on to the baby through the placenta or breast milk.

Get a kickstart on detoxing with my 21-day Healthy Detox!

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