Hi there!

I’m Micheline, a holistic nutritionist, former chemical engineer, wife and mom to three little monkeys. I started Health Refined to help YOU (yes, you) take back your health in a way that’s simple and not too overwhelming.

My own health journey started after I decided to do a 10-day detox which literally changed my life. After almost a year of trying to conceive, it happened immediately after, not even exaggerating here! Aside from that, I’ve always had a weak immune system (taking antibiotics at least twice a year since I was 2), multiple UTI’s (urinary tract infections) a year, cystic acne and low energy. Doing this detox was just the beginning. It made me more aware of what kinds of food I was putting into my body and the detriment they were causing.

The impact of my detox was so dramatic that it instantly sparked an interest and passion for nutrition. Three years later, I had a new career and life path that I’m proud of and excited about. 

I literally wake up everyday with excitement just thinking about the lives I can impact with the knowledge I've gained. That’s where you come in. I would love to help you reach your health goals in a natural, healthy way. One which doesn’t involve yo-yo dieting, deprivation, self-doubt, or stress (we all have enough of that going on!).

Detoxification is my jam (I’m certified in Clinical Detoxification), along with women's health, fertility and healthy weight loss (I lost the 22 lbs I gained from my last pregnancy over 5 months). So let’s chat soon!