Healthy Holidays Guide & Recipes

The holidays have always felt more stressful than any other time of the year for me (as if the rest of the year isn't stressful enough!).

My sleep isn't the same, my mind races with a million ideas and thoughts a minute to make this time off "perfect" or to have the "perfect" menu or dinner.

So I end up making not-so-great food choices, putting self-care LAST and I end up feeling completely drained, stressed and disappointed.

This all changed when I took my nutrition and wellness tools out and put them to practice.

I laid them all out for you in this guide.

I want you to have a (almost) stress-free holiday (let's be real, life isn't perfect ūü§∑ūüŹĽ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ) where your menu is planned out with balanced meals, your energy is high and you're in the holiday spirit without worrying about overeating, overindulging and most importantly, over-stressing.


In this guide, you'll have tips and tricks to help you navigate the holidays with complete ease.

You'll receive supplement recommendations that I give my own clients and that I take myself for optimal digestion, stress management (because stress can take a major toll on the body *ahem* stubborn belly fat).

And 42 recipes for breakfast, appetizers, sides, mains, drinks and, of course, desserts (a holiday isn't a holiday without dessert!). Guilt-free and allergen-free so you can breeze through the "most wonderful time of the year" and make it actually the most wonderful time of the year!

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